We’ve always been passionate about excellent wine at El Gato Negro, as I believe it’s an essential part of the dining experience. For years I’ve been keen to develop a range of almost exclusively Spanish wines; after plenty of dedicated research we’re now able to do this for the first time, expanding our selection in the process.

We’re proud to offer you a superlative selection of Iberian wine, focusing wherever possible on smaller artisanal producers and the very best examples of varietals. I hope you take pleasure in discovering some lesser-known gems which we’ve worked hard to track down.

There’s a broad array of wines here, at different prices and with different characteristics to match whatever food and occasion you may be enjoying. As well as listing the wine by type, I’ve also highlighted some particularly special wines on the next page which are personal favourites. Our knowledgable staff will be happy to offer personalised recommendations for your meal, so you can always enjoy the fruits of our labour… in your glass. ¡Salud!simon-signature_100px