If you were watching TV yesterday you’d have seen me – with somewhat pink eyes, while talking about pink burger meat – on BBC Breakfast. I’m used to early starts – in this industry it’s par for the course –  but I’m not as used to getting my face powdered and made-up!

I’d been asked to appear to provide a chef’s perspective as the Food Standards Agency was releasing new advice on eating burgers pink at home. It’s been quite a controversial topic for some time, and there’s a bit of a disconnect between advice for consumers at home and eating out. So it was good to be able to add some perspective with my experience in the industry; while Professor Guy Poppy spoke on a link from Southhampton I was sat under hot lights in the studio in Salford. I felt a bit like a burger, cooking on the couch!

As usual it was great to be on TV, meet Phil and Steph, and as it was my first time at the television studios at MediaCityUK I enjoyed having a nosey about. What a cool place! Next day, after being quoted in the Daily Mail there was a good discussion on our Facebook page about how our customers like their burgers cooked.