A selection of Gonzalez Byass sherries at El Gato Negro

We’ve a longstanding passion for all types of sherry, one of Spain’s most wonderful specialities. As a drink it’s the perfect accompaniment to many of our tapas dishes, from savouries such as olives and jamón ibérico through to desserts. It’s also ideal as an ingredient in many of the dishes we prepare at El Gato Negro – whether dry fino or richly sweet Pedro Ximénez.

Britain has held a centuries-old love of sherry, and a recent resurgence in interest by discerning drinkers has prompted a reappraisal of it. We’re delighted to share our passion and knowledge for sherry; and to help you choose, savour and appreciate these wonderful wines, matched with great food.

Sherry is a fortified wine produced in a specific region of Andalucía in southern Spain, in a triangle around Jerez de la Frontera. It’s made predominantly using two grape varieties, offering a fascinating range of different styles: from extra dry, refreshing Fino to unctuously sweet Pedro Ximénez . It’s probably the most versatile wine in the world, and its ability to partner an array of strongly flavoured tapas dishes is unrivalled.